Directives for Swedish Intensive Care

This quality indicator shows how the unit follows basic elements of "Guideline for Swedish intensive care" issued by the Swedish Society of Anesthesia and Intensive Care (SFAI) and the Swedish Intensive Care Society (SIS).

This guidline contains national recommendations for how effective and safe intensive care should be conducted. Deviation from the guideline should therefore be considered to infer to a lower quality than the care that meets the guideline.
The reporting also includes some issues aimed at obtaining information that does not relate to specific parts of SFAI/SIS guideline but is of value for the interpretation and analysis of other data reported to SIR. For each unit we show how they responded to the questions and whether they meet some of the recommendations in the guidelines of SFAI/SIS.

This report shows the most recently submitted response for the chosen year and thus requires reporting at least once every calendar year.